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VM 535-Transcervical Insemination (TCI) Optional

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H5P: A Next-Generation Tool for Creating Interactive Activities.” 03/31/2017

This presentation will explore H5P, a new, free, open-source authoring platform that offers around 30 activity types to help you create interactive and mobile-friendly activities. These activities…

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MC341 Indian Planning: Nehru and PT Bauer

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MC341 Estimating Soviet Economic Growth

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MC341 Oskar Lange's Market Socialism

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HM807 Mod-7-Lecture-7-reporting-guidelines

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HM807 Introduction_to_Critical_Reading_in_Public_Health_Strengthening_the_Reporting_of_Obse

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People Who Needed Weather Maps

Steve Schultze created this 4-minute video lecture for GEO203v (Introduction to Meteorology). The video goes with Lesson 2 and explores the topic "People Who Needed Weather Maps."

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