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CLFE Session 2 - Understanding Local Zoning, RTF, and Farm Market GAAMPS

The Second Session of the Cultivating Local Farm Economies Webinar Series focused a more in-depth examination of the Michigan Right to Farm Act, GAAMPS (Specifically the Farm Market GAAMP) as well as…

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HB492-001: Mini lecture 4/12

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Lecture 2.1 - Part 8

Reconstruction of France

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Farm Transitions: Slowing Down and Planting a Seed for New Generations

If you are going through a farm transition planning for change may seem like a luxury at this point, but it is a necessary step. You will not save time by not planning, but just postpone the…

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Lecture 6.2 - Part 5

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Archaeological Ethics & Legislation, Part I

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Archimedean Property (AP) - Week 8 Video 2

YouTube Link:

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Transitioning the farm

This video will give you a quick summary of the things you should do to plan for transitional changes at your farm. You may turn on Closed Captions by clicking on CC at the bottom right of the…

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Lecture 3.4 - Part 4

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Lecture 3.4 - Part 3

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Intro to thinking about algorithms

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Elder Law Attorney Brad Vauter

Local attorney Bradley Vauter, JD provides a wealth of knowledge regarding important topics including elder law, LGBT legal issues, probate, and estate planning. Come to this session, learn about…

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