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BLT ppt

BLT ppt lecture

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Bioethics for Breakfast: Social Determinants of Elders’ Health

Recorded December 2, 2021. Captions are auto-generated. Featuring presentations from: Anne K. Hughes, PhD, MSW, Director and Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Michigan State University…

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CSTAT Day - Preparing Data for Analysis

Presented by Barry DeCicco, CSTAT Slides can be found under the Attachments tab.

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Queen Bee Syndrome in Higher Education: Myth or Reality?

Queen Bee Syndrome (QBS), a concept introduced in 1973, describes women in positions of authority in male-dominated environments who are unsupportive of female subordinates. Since its inception,…

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FS21 Lecture 1: Introductions

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Intro ANTR 350 Fall 2021

Short intro to ANTR 350 Fall 2021

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Importance of Faculty Office Hours

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Lecture 9_Pt1_Week 5

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Research video short

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2121 MSU AgeAlive Annual Forum Legacy Lecture: Dr. William G. Anderson, D.O., FACOS

Dr. Anderson is well known for his years as a civil rights leader, working closely with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his achievements as a physician. He was the first African American to serve…

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Jason Pero Sexually Preyed On A Minor

Jason Pero aka Dr. Jase is a pedophile.

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Intro to psychological disorders

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Some Learning Approaches

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Applications of Operant Conditioning

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VM 568-Urinaylisis

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STT 200 Spring 2021 Introduction Video 1

Brief introduction video for STT 200, Spring 2021

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