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Exam #1 Review Lecture

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MSU's Pride Month Teach-In

The MSU Extension CYI LGBTQIA+ Team and MSU’s Center for Gender in Global Context were excited to invite the MSU community to our Pride Month Teach-in! We had a panel discussion (recorded) with…

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Geo 113: Welcome Video

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Lecture 4.2 - Part 5 (Romanticism in Music: Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique)

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Lecture 4.2 - Part 2 (What is romanticism?)

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Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: Overcoming the Pressures of Fatherhood

This session will highlight the challenges of fatherhood, and how to overcome them. Participants will leave with the motivation, and knowledge of how to handle and manage the complexities of…

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VM 519-Equine Digit and hoof overview

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Tibetan Diasporic Buddhism in Japan

Speaker: Stephen Christopher, Tokyo Metropolitan University This presentation analyzes the growing importance of Tibetan Buddhism in East and Southeast Asia. Based on multi-sited fieldwork, I track…

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Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Have you ever poured hours of your time into finding the perfect present for someone you care about - only to feel like they didn't appreciate your effort? Or, have you ever been given a…

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VM 569-Open Sterile Gloving

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VM 569-Open gloving technique

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HM 836 Happy Video

HM 836 Happy Video

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Grading with a rubric in D2L

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Collaboratively Embodied Content in Synchronous Learning Environments -Brown Bag 09.16.16

Colleagues, At this week’s Explorations in Instructional Technologies brown bag seminar John Bell and William Cain, both of the College of Education, will present “Collaboratively…

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Thinkin with Kate Livingston on Informal Learning Assessment (Video)

Focus: Informal Learning Assessment Our March 2016 ThinkIn features Kate Livingston, founder of Expose Your Museum (, who will be leading an open conversation about informal…

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