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Chapter 7a.mp4

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Welcome to GEO204 US22

GEO204 US22 Instructor Intro Welcome Video By Rui Zhang

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D2L New Content Experience (09.16.2021) - IT Virtual Workshop

Thursday Sep 16th, 10 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. ET As of Fall 2021, there will be an option to turn on the New Content Experience (also called Lessons) for any course. The new experience can be…

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GEO330: FS2021 Week 2

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GEO330: Welcome Fall Semester 2021 Students

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GEO151: Welcome from your Instructor

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Presentation #3

Luke and Logan's presentation #3

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MKT 250 Final

Abby Wochaski, Lauren Niewolak, Carter Nass, Jason Remley, Alex Nader

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MKT 250 Group Presentation 3

Final group marketing presentation by Samhita Surapaneni, Breitner Hoe, James Valenti, Trent Salmon, and Nick Beekman

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ISS310: The Final Exam

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GEO330: Your course website in D2L

This is a video orientation to the course website and the location of materials in D2L.

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GEO204: Introduction to the Course (lesson modules and readings

This video is a brief introduction to the format of the lesson modules and textbook readings.

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MKT 250 Group Project Presentation - Greyson D, Chad C, Natalie D, Celeste C.mp4

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2020 MI Good Food Summit Lightning Talks - Operation Fit - School Food Cart Program

School Food Cart ProgramPresented by: Don Schils, MA - Operation Fit Program Lead, Operation FitThe Operation Fit/The Fire Hub Food Cart Program is an example of how a community can collaborate to…

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GEO330 Regional Geography of the US Fall 2020 Instructor welcome video by Rui Zhang

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