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Planon Session 2: Basic Navigation

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01/10/2024 - MSU IT Planon - Session 1 (Basic Navigation & Orders)

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Radiation Detection Equipment

Instruction in the type and use of equipment used to detect radioactive materials.

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onGEO-PAPG: L1 - Python Window

Video that accompanies Lesson 1 in onGEO-PAPG (Py & ArcPy Geoprocessing) by Dr. Paul McCord. *Please note that Dr. McCord is adding the geodatabase from the papg\data\coursedata directory. We…

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Set up for a Teams call

This video will show you how to: Mute/unmute Change audio devices Turn on/off video Change camera device Change video background Chat, Share screen, etc.

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GTIM: Census API and Web-Mapping, Video 2

Second video in the series for the Census APRI and Web Mapping exercise in onGEO's Geovisualization: Temporal and Interactive Mapping. This video walks the participant through the steps of…

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Chapter 4b Video

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Formative Assignment_Borders

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Introduction to cross sectional imaging and neuroimaging

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GEO113: Introduction to Lesson Module: The State

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How to Put Together a Balance Sheet

In this meeting we review the reasons to create a balance sheet and look into a few resources that will hopefully make it easy for you to do it yourself. MSU Extension can create a balance sheet for…

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Final Assignements INTRO.mp4

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VM 580-Canine Spay

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VM 580-Spay Low fidelity

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JRN 306 - Creating your home studio

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