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SD2_1022 2/15/2021

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Savita Rath_zoom

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R20_MEM_preschool teacher

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Part 10_Attachment Differences

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Part 9_Attachment

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Lecture 7.2 - Part 3

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Teen Offers to Carry Man's Groceries for Food, Had No Idea Who He Was Approaching

Matt White went to the supermarket one day. At the time, he was 30-years-old. He had a degree in the music business and owned his own company. It started out as a regular trip to his local Kroger…

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VM 535-Lab 2 Reproduction Pathology-Station 16-Placenta from a camel

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VM 535-Lab 1 Reproduction Pathology-Station 19-Bovine Uterus

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Mini Lecture 7.4 - Breastfeeding Physiology

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Mini Lecture 7.1 - Pregnancy Part 1

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Minuchin - Structural Therapy

Overview of structural family therapy.

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