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TIA Course

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Examsoft - Posting Assesments

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D2L Survey Report PivotTable

These steps will reformat the Individual Attempts survey report from D2L so that each Likert question statement is in a column instead of a row by creating a PivotTable in Excel. Use a combination…

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ISS310: Environmental Ethics

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ISS310: Hazards, Disasters, & People

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KIN 371 Shifflett Research Proposal Presentation

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Section 003_04-19

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Group Influence_Social Facilitation and Social Loafing

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Experience and Brain Development

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2020 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador, Katherine

As an Ambassador for the 4-H Shooting Sports program, Katherine shares the impact the program has had during her 12 years of experience with the program.

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ISS 210 Course Introduction

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Mini Lecture 2.3 - GI Health

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Qualtrics Email Triggers

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Family/Couple Therapy with one person and Survival Skills

Presentation on doing family or couple's therapy with one client and survival skills for therapists

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Module 7 Powerpoint

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