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SW 822 LGBTQ Healthcare Event

Advocate Event about barriers to healthcare that LGBTQ+ immigrants face.

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WNA: Women's Mental Health and Intersectionality Part 2

During Part 2 of this event, Dr. Abbasi addressed:1. The concept of intersectionality and its impact on mental health2. Understanding bio, psychosocial model of mental disorders3. Why women are more…

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Triers work

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Medical Device Labeling

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Usability testing applied.mp4

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Multigenerational Families and Kinship Care

The Kinship Care Resource Center (KCRC) is a non-profit organization through the School of Social Work at Michigan State University that serves kinship families across the state of Michigan. Kinship…

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Mini Lecture 1.4 --- Valid Nutrition Info

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ADV 225 Session 4 Administrative Communication 2 of 2 Video 7 of 9

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ADV 225 Session 3 Web Writing Video 8 of 14

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How to Blog Study Abroad

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