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Pesticide Management for Sustainable Vineyards

This video highlights the Pesticide Management application being developed by the Animal Science and Computer Science & Engineering departments at Michigan State University.

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SCM303 Guest Web Video Yem BOLUMOLE 2020 09 19 take1 FINAL

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STT 200 One Proportion Confidence Intervals, Part 5

STT 200 One Proportion Confidence Intervals, Part 5 Calculating necessary sample size

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STT 200 Sampling Distributions for a Single Proportion 3

More examples of a sampling distribution for a single proportion

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Archaeological Ethics & Legislation, Part I

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CSE480 - Week15 - 4 - Yarn

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CSE480 - Week13 - 4 - Distributed Transactions

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Team Leadership Practices

7/7/20 Tuesday: Team Leadership Practices Presented by: Mark Saine, TIAA The role of leaders and managers during unsettling timesResearch related to why leadership matters – especially nowWhat…

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BUS230-Entrepreneurial Revolution-Agenda 3-Types of Businesses2

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ADV 225 Session 4 Writing Tool 6 Video 2 of 9

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International Research II: Campus Housing (A. Maas)

Each year, thousands of guests are brought to campus that need housing accommodations. When looking for on campus housing, it can be overwhelming looking at the options and offices involved. This…

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Module 1--Introduction to the Principles of Leadership1

Module 1--Introduction to the Principles of Leadership1

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Contracts and Other Agreements: Department of Defense Proposals vs. Other Agencies (M. Skinner)

The presentation describes some of the unique requirements for proposals submitted to the Department of Defense.

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7- Managing by culture and ethics

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3 - Human Element Part II: Authority, Responsibility, and Power

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1 - Introduction to Management and Leadership

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