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11.16.2020 Town Hall (Public)

Zoom Recording ID: 92107198125 UUID: UIbgag9PRP2jAcmeugk91g== Meeting Time: 2020-11-16T16:00:05Z

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OST579 IPE Emotions and the Heart

Zoom Recording ID: 92097482246 UUID: iBogJv0jQqiCoGzyQW+TQg== Meeting Time: 2020-11-11T14:45:16Z

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OST551 CDW/IPE Event: Healthcare Team Professionals

Zoom Recording ID: 99784482337 UUID: UYQNHmsCTcSqL7fvHOTcyQ== Meeting Time: 2020-10-07T11:57:46Z

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Lovell HM591FS20 Week06 Somatosensory

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09.21.2020 2024 Town Hall with Dean Amalfitano

Zoom Recording ID: 95371510133 UUID: MJLyCTKhQt2OrQVr1is0nQ== Meeting Time: 2020-09-21T20:43:48Z

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Tracking Progress in D2L

The purpose of this video is to explain how to track progress in D2L if you are a course assistant or D2L course editor.

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REHS Full Time Training DEI Learning Session 3

This REHS training was intended for Full Time Staff and addressed identity conscious supervision and other institutional context that would be important for Full Time staff to understand from a…

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REHS CAPS Mental Health Panel Discussion

This panel discussion included participants from REHS and CAPS. The purpose of the panel discussion was to address the REHS response protocol for mental health emergencies and also address questions…

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REHS RVSM.ADP Response and Panel Discussion

This training was facilitated with representatives from POE, OIE, MSUPD, REHS, Office of Civil Rights, and Safe Place. The training provided an opportunity for REHS to talk about response protocols,…

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RVSM and ADP Policies Training with POE.OIE

This training was facilitated by Prevention Outreach and Education office and Office of Institutional Equity staff members. The training served as an overview of MSU's Relationship Violence and…

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FLC Fall Teaching Town Hall: Higher-quality/Higher-level Exam Questions (07_15_2020)

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