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GEO 221v: Data Classification

Data Classification. This video is used in Geo221v.

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Adding Multiple Members to Activities, Awards and Groups

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Uploading S2S User Attached Forms in Kuali Coeus

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MSU Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Offerings 01/20/2017

MSU has been making investments in its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDI allow faculty and students to have virtual labs/desktops without the need to actually purchse and run (high resource…

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EBM InDesign Basics pt1 new doc HDQ

This video shows you how to create a new InDesign document that is compatible with the Espresso Book Machine’s specifications.

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Connecting to Sanborn at MSU Libraries

Not connecting to Sanborn? Make sure you are using the correct URL and figure out what the problem is and who can help you.

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Zoom Tips: Managing Your Audio Source

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HM810 sec730-Welcome-FS2013

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HM806 sec730 week3

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