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SSE Episode 01

Episode 1 of the Student Success Express with Interim Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, Mark Largent.

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GEO330: Introducing Lesson Planners!

This video informs students of a new lesson feature / study tool.

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Learning Space Basic Features

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ISS 310 Course introduction from Xiaomeng

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Intro Lecture HM 864 730

Intro Lecture HM 864 730 Summer 2019

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Preparation For Academic Life - MSU English Language Center

A good TOEFL score is not always enough. If you have met — or have almost met — MSU’s basic English-language requirement, you may still have concerns about studying in the USA. This…

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GEO206: Exciting extra credit opportunity

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ADV 225 Session 3 WP1 Example 3 Video 13 of 14

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ADV 225 Session 3 WP1 Example 2 Video 12 of 14

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ADV 225 Session 3 WP1 Example 1 Video 11 of 14

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ADV 225 Session 3 Writing Project 1 Video 10 of 14

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SS19 ADV 225 Session 1 Lecture Video 12: Strategic Writing and the Writing Process

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The Secret of Instructional Design! (captioned)

Steve Yelon found in SW DEV site for online teaching

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Public_Health_ Careers_av

Public_Health_ Careers_av

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International Research II: Campus Housing (A. Maas)

Each year, thousands of guests are brought to campus that need housing accommodations. When looking for on campus housing, it can be overwhelming looking at the options and offices involved. This…

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Searching Effort and Delegates in the Effort Reporting System (M. Cartwright)

This video will demonstrate the process of searching for an effort report, and who is designated as a delegator, in the Effort Reporting System in Account Explorer.

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