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Fraud Awareness for HealthTeam Providers (newly caption)

March 2019 Update

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Site-Specific Training - Managers can view detailed records in Ability LMS

Where site-specific training is required by regulation, documentation for each work environment is required annually. Those assigned to tracks that require site-specific training will only receive a…

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USDA GAP Certification via Group GAP- Farm to Institution Food Safety Basics

This video provides an introduction for institutional food service providers of the USDA GAP Certification via the GroupGAP process. To learn more about GroupGAP in Michigan, visit:…

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CSTAT Day - Getting Started With Research Data Management With MSU Libraries as Your Partner

Presented by Scout Calvert, MSU Libraries Slides can be found here:

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Fraud Awareness for HealthTeam Providers

March 2019 Update

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