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Wild About Watching Wildlife-Trail Cameras

Wild About Woods Wetlands & Wildlife: Watching Wildlife discusses using trail cameras to capture wildlife.

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360 Video Demo for Accessible Learning Conference

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Sequencing Assignmnet 2

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Video Sequencing

Lesson on Sequencing video using Wide, Medium and Tight shots

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New MSU Livstock Research and Precision Technology: Madonna Benjamin

Dr. Madonna Benjamin works as the MSU Extension Swine Veterinarian. in this video she talks about some the unique technology practices being looked at not only at MSU, but worldwide for the…

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MI 341 - 1.5 Camera discount

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JRN 206 intro

Troy Hale's JRN206 Intro video

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MI 341 - 4 Why auto functions suck

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JRN 206 intro

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Zoom Tips: Managing Your Audio Source

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HM806 sec730 week-13-thankyou

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VM 516-Forelimb dorsal and palmar carpal ligaments

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