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GEO 113: Introduction to Economic Geography: Urban Agglomeration, Innovation, and Creativity

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GEO 113: Introduction to Economic Geography: Geographies of Development

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04.15.21 (Zodpey) Health systems response to COVID–19 in Rural India

Speaker: Dr. Sanjay Zodpey presently works as Vice President – Academics, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), New Delhi and also holds leadership position as Director at Indian Institute…

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GEO151: Video Introduction to the Lesson on Economic Activities

In this video I talk about the material covered in the lesson on economic activities.

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McKesson Tutorial

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Seasonal Shifts of the ITCZ and Relative Location: Draw a picture!

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Uploading S2S User Attached Forms in Kuali Coeus

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Creating and Saving a Proposal in KC

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Copying a Proposal in KC

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Current Issues Affecting Michigan Local Governments: Expanding Broadband Access

Paul Sachs, Ottawa County Director of Planning and Performance Improvement, joins us this month to talk about how Ottawa County's efforts to make broadband internet available throughout the…

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1 - Introduction to Management and Leadership

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HM 101 Module #14 Health Professionals and the Health Workforce

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Community Health Assessment

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Quantitative Genetics

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Linkage Disequilibrium

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