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Thumb Blessing Boxes - SNAP-Ed PSE Success Story Video

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VM 518-Jugular Ventipuncture-Horse

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VM 580-Left-handed 2-handed hand tie

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VM 580-Left-handed one-handed handed tie

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VM 580-Left-handed square knot with instrument

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VM 580-Right-handed one-handed hand ties

Right-handed one-handed hand ties with rope and with suture are demonstrated.

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Dr. Jenny Week 3 Review

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VM 515-Slip Knot Tie

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Cambios en la vida, cambios en la granja

This project was funded by/Este proyecto estuvo financiado por: La Cosecha USDA NIFA BFRDP BFRDP Award # [2017-70017-26860] Michigan State University.

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Instructions & Resting Measurements - SPARTANfit KIN 121 Fitness Assessment

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Review single 1. Thoracic Dx & Tx of upper - camera angle looking down at dysfunction at time

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1. Thoracic spine Diagnosis with Tx of T6 FRS R.

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Group treatment- Example 2

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Group Dx & Tx: MET example 3

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VM 580-closed gloving

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VM 580-Leak check anesthesia machine

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