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MSU Organic Farmer Training Program

The MSU Organic Farmer Training Program (OFTP) is a 50/50 mix of hands-on learning in the field and interactive learning in the classroom. Join a community of beginning & aspiring farmers,…

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Map of Beginning Farmer Resources

Map of Michigan Beginning Farmer Resources This interactive map lists over 70 resources for beginning farmers in Michigan! View the map or visit for more info. Listings…

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onGEO: Accessing your writing assignment

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IT Virtual Workshop - iClicker Mini-Session: First Day of Class

Detailed Q&A with iClicker technologists and MSU IT specialists for 1-1 iClicker support or platform-specific questions: Onboarding your students/FDOC prep - Abby Talbert

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Prepare your Farm for Tax Season Now

The goal of this webinar is to provide you with information that empowers you to meet with your loan officer, your tax preparer, or your family and business partners with confidence, so you may make…

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Section 003_01-20

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Lecture 0 - HST 335 Insructor Intro

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Lecture 7 - Part 1

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MSU IT Workshop - Sharing and Creating media in Mediaspace - Editing in Mediaspace

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Week 4 Video 3 - Contrapositive

YouTube Link:

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Lecture 2.1 - Part 6

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Lecture 2-Part 2_Reading Strategies

Note: This lecture was originally recorded FS2020 -- so the dates mentioned won't apply to the current semester! However, the content is still good so I have chosen to re-use it instead of…

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CSE480 - Week08 - 0 - Wait Die Round Robin

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VM 515-Part 1-A History of Agriculture

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