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Bioethics for Breakfast: Aducanumab, Alzheimer’s: Having That Conversation

Recorded March 24, 2022. Captions are auto-generated. Featuring presentations from: Leonard M. Fleck, PhD, Professor, Center for Bioethics and Social Justice, College of Human Medicine, and…

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Bringing a device to market

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history and reg med dev

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securing the drug supply chain

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New Drug approval process

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Prescription drug labeling

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OTC approval

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History Impacts Legislation

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VM 504-History of Pasteurization

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HM 801 Module 11 Food Safety and Population

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Mini Lecture 1.5 --- Nutrition Recommendations, Regulations and Labels

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VM 501-Mod 5 Role of Gov PH

Module 5 of One Health I course Part 1 Role of Gov in Public Health

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