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COGS 3.13.24 Full Council Meeting

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ICI Student Voices Recap Video

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Finding a Summer Research Opportunity

There are a variety of summer opportunities available for students. Programs are hosted by colleges and universities around the United States and the world. They provide intensive research experience…

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SD2_1034 3/6/2021

Thomas Voice? Floyd?

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Research video short

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Statewide Landfill PFAS impacts on Wastewater Treatment Plant Influent and Associated Biosolids Management Challenges

MSU Center for PFAS Research Seminar Series, 11/11/2020 Rick Burns, Senior Vice President, NTH Consultants Landfill leachate disposal to wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) is a key…

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Lecture 6.1 - Part 4

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Lecture 6.1 - part 1

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Lab 1: Plant Tour - Part 1

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Lab 1: Plant Tour - Part 2

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ME 451 Session # 1 Communication in General

Details the communication activities that are necessary for an engineer in all classes taken.

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CSE 431 Instructor Bios

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Josh Siegel IEEE Sensors Best Paper Award Interview August 2020

Interview on August 3, 2020, with CSE professor Josh Siegel about his award winning IEEE Sensors paper.

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STT 200 Hypothesis Tests: Pass or Fail Example

STT 200 Hypothesis Tests: Pass or Fail Example

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Case Study Tigris and Euphrates

Case Study Tigris and Euphrates

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