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Loving Kindness_Moore

Worried About Someone? If you are caught up in worry about someone you care about, and you are feeling stressed, help yourself regain your balance join us for this loving-kindness meditation. …

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John Taylor - Grounding Practice

Feeling Stressed? We all get super stressed out sometimes. If this is one of those moments for you, join us for this brief mindfulness practice to help you return to a high-quality state of…

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Lisa Laughman_Coming Into Presence

Overwhelmed? Every Spartan becomes overwhelmed sometimes, by their feelings, their circumstances, their thoughts. It is part of the human condition. Let us help you find your way home to your…

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ISS310: Introduction to Natural Disasters

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Family Employee Resource Group: The Resilience Toolbox

WorkLife Office Presents: Family Employee Resource Group - The Resilience ToolboxProlonged or intense stress can have lasting negative impacts in the development of young children. Children with…

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VM 503-Emotional Intelligence & Emotional Resilience-Hind

Zoom Recording ID: 99751566818 UUID: pE8LI+vtQvybWj49ThyoTw== Meeting Time: 2021-10-18T16:45:04Z

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3-Minute MI Good Food Charter Update

This is a very brief overview of the 2020 Michigan Good Food Charter Update Process. Please contact if you have any questions! Invitation to Action: Join the Coordinating Committee…

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2020 MI Good Food Summit - Stephanie Osborn - Impacts of Climate Change on Southeast MI

Applying an Interdisciplinary Approach to Identify Vulnerabilities in the Southeast Michigan’s Food System Related to Climate Change Stephanie Osborn - Wayne State University/ T-RUST…

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The Resiliency Model

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