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STT 200 US24 Session B Introduction

Introduction to the course

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GEO113: Welcome from your Instructor, Karine Torosyan

Geo113 Summer 2024 instructor welcome video.

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ACC 833-730 intro

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Change Quiz Points to Fix Grades in D2L

Changing the total maximum points for a quiz in D2L requires extra steps if students have already taken the quiz and the grades have been sent to the grade book. It is not possible to change the…

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D2L Survey Report PivotTable

These steps will reformat the Individual Attempts survey report from D2L so that each Likert question statement is in a column instead of a row by creating a PivotTable in Excel. Use a combination…

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Monitoring Your D2L Course: Quiz Attempt Logs (5-25-21)

Clip from MSU IT workshop on how to use D2L course analytics for monitoring your online course. For more information, self-enroll in the Instructor - D2L self-directed training course found in the…

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GEO206: Your course website in D2L

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ISS310: Your course website in D2L

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GEO113: Your course website

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STT 200 Spring 2021 Mid-semester Update

Mid-semester update and information about Exam 2 preparation.

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Suicide Assessment

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Demographics and Risk Factors for Suicide

Presentation on risk factors, prevalence, and demographics of suicide, mainly focused on US population.

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Case Study 2 - Maurice

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Suicideology: The Study of Suicide

Presentation on Thomas Joiner's theory of suicidal ideation.

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