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WNA: Women's Mental Health and Intersectionality Part 2

During Part 2 of this event, Dr. Abbasi addressed:1. The concept of intersectionality and its impact on mental health2. Understanding bio, psychosocial model of mental disorders3. Why women are more…

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VM 531-Hemostatic Disorders (FS21)

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GAD-7 Generalized Anxiety Disorder Screener

This is a CHM Task Training video linked to the Simulation Resources Task Training: Objectives & Resources page in JustInTimeMedicine:…

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Discussing the global burden of mental illnesses.

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VM 577-Endocrine 2 Day 11 prep lecture 2

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VM 577-Other mineral/electrolyte disorders of ruminants

VM 577-Endocrine System 2 course for prep material for day 12

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Perspectives on Psychological Disorders

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Intro to psychological disorders

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VM 568-Urinary Tract Infections-Common Infectious Disorders

VM 568-Urinary System 2 course Day 14

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VM 568-Equine urinary tract disorders

vm 568 day 13 prep

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Intro & Human Genetics

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VM 531-Hemostatic Disorders

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VM 531-RBC 7 - Nonregenerative anemias

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defining "abnormality"

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Eating disorders

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SW 843 - Paraphilias

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