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MMDP 2021 Annual Meeting: Session 3 Making the Most of Digital Tools for Cultural Heritage

Presentation 1: Clayton Hayes (Wayne State University) - Essential but unusable: Rehabilitating an aging digital collection The WSU libraries inherited an image collection with an accompanying access…

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Portal How To

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The Cataloging Manual Reinvented: the New RDA Toolkit and the 3R Project

This session took place on May 12, 2021, as part of the ARLIS/NA Virtual Conference hosted by the ARLIS/NA MOQ Chapter. Presenters include Sherman Clarke, Liz O'Keefe, Alex Provo, Andrea Puccio,…

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Log Packages

A short film demonstrating how to log a package in Service Portal while working at the Service Center.

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GEO113: Accessing your assignments

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Humanistic Approaches

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SW832 - Spring 2021 - Syllabus Review

Review of syllabus details

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Lecture 3.2 - Part 1

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OST 825: Gifford: Week 4: Social Determinants of Health: Intro

OST 825: week 4: Social Determinants of Health: Intro

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How to schedule a zoom meeting (2)

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D2L Emails and Subscription Alerts

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4.Managing Performance.Part 1

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OST 825: Week 1: What is the state of global health? (Part 1)

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