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Quality System Regulation and Validation

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SCM Product Fraud and Counterfeiting guest lecture, John Spink, 2021 (BSCM BSCM1 ISCM ch17 PfC v10 Short Sendppt take1 edit1)

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Sprayer Calibration and Tune-up

As part of the 2021 Statewide Spring Tree Fruit Webinar Series, Jason Deveau of OMAFRA 'The Spray Guy', present 'Sprayer Calibration and Tune-up.'

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Lecture 32, 10.2(a) -- 4/5/2021

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Lecture 31, 10.1 -- 4/2/2021

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Spring Sprayer Setup: Configuring your air-assist sprayer

As part of the Spring 2020 Tree Fruit Webinar Series, Dr. Jason Deveau of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs shares how to optimize orchard spray application technology.

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Resilient Fathers: Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic: Positive Discipline

Discipline is a difficult topic for parents. How do you know what helps and what hurts? Learn about techniques that focus on positive discipline that can help you create an environment that is safe,…

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Importance of Axon Diameter

In this video, you will learn about the importance of axon diameter. You will do a pouring activity to see why a wider diameter is more suitable for conduction velocity

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Intro to thinking about algorithms

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MI341 Class 1 Lab Lens Lesson

Camera Lenses, sizes, f-stop, ISO, Shutter, and more

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Examplify Student Instructions

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GEO203v: Skew-T Log-P Video

Video tutorial on Skew-T Log-P Diagrams by B.J. Baule -- Ph.D. Candidate in the MSU Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences. This video tutorial was created for use in Geo 203 and…

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VM 516-Lameness diagnosis dog and horse Video presentation


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VM 516-Basics of locomotion Video presentation

2018 version

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4.Managing Performance.Part 2

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