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Wellbeing Wednesdays: Art Therapy

-Defining art therapy and the status of the profession in MI and nationally-Examples of how art therapy might take place across different settings/where we are most likely to encounter art…

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Katelyn Maddock, J.D and LMSW: Combining Law + Clinical SW Advocacy

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Lecture 2.3 - Part 5

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Case Study 1 - DJ

Case study for introduction to suicide intervention

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Sex Therapy 101

Presentation on Sex Therapy and clinical skills for all social workers.

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EFT - Engagement

Presentation on Emotionally Focused Therapy - Engagement

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Children and Parents with Addictions

Presentation on working with children who have parents or caregivers with addictions.

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Intro to EFT

Introduction to Emotion Focused Therapy

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Whitaker Symbolic-Experiential Therapy

Presentation on Carl Whitaker and Symbolic-experiential therapy

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Theoretical Perspective Lens

How to establish your theoretical lens when acting as a clinical social worker or therapist.

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