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Slime Kit Sign

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Inkscape Basics

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Challenging Racism in Consumer Culture | WACSS Anti-Racism Insight Series | Shreena Gandhi, PhD

Challenging Racism in Consumer Culture WACSS Anti-Racism Insight Series Dr. Shreena Gandhi5/20/2021

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How to Use 3DPrime

How to use the MakeCentral online submission system, 3DPrime. This video shows you how to submit your files for Makerspace and Service Desk jobs, what file types you need, and how to utilize your…

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Human Eye & Vision

Human Eye & Vision!

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SS20-HCM 802 Week 1 Live Class

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The Neuroscience behind Vision

An interactive, educational video on the visual system and optical illusions. The activity includes creating an optical illusion with paper, a pencil/straw, tape, and crayons. An alternative activity…

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This video aims to teach kids about how memory works and what types of memories we store in our brains! For the activity, students will play a memory game where they will be challenged to remember…

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MSU IT Workshop - Sharing and Creating Media in Mediaspace - Tools in Kaltura Capture

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Reviewing SCORM Reports in D2L

This video will show you how to check completion and engagement with SCORM objects posted in D2L. This can be a help bit of knowledge if you are trying to get a large set of information on a large…

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The importance of good hash functions

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CSE480 - Week14 - 3 - Document Stores.mp4

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CSE480 - Week09 - 4 - ER to Schema

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CSE480 - Week08 - 1 - Validation

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CSE480 - Week07 - 2 - Shared and Exclusive Locks

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CSE480 - Week05 - 4 - Adapters and Converters

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