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VM 539-Job Exploration

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WNA: Shortlisted: Women in the Shadows of the Supreme Court

In Honor of Women's History MonthWomen's Networking Association Presents: Shortlisted: Women in the Shadows of the Supreme CourtCelebrate Women’s History Month by joining Professor…

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COMLEX, Clerkship, and Beyond

Hosted by the Class of 2023 Class Government, Dr. Alyse Ley presents a guide to approaching COMLEX and the years beyond.

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VM506-Resume Video 1-Spring 2021

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How Does Our Brain Process Words and Colors?

In this video we will discuss how our brain processes words and colors by using the Stroop test. In this test you will be asked to say different colors that words are written it, but be careful not…

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VM539-Professional Documents

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Navigating eRezLife for Staff Selection

This video can be used to learn about how to navigate eRezLife and select a staff member from the alternate pool. How to log in: 1:04 How to get to staff selection module: 2:30 How to look up your…

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My Spartan Story - Orientation

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Dr. Wehrwein Introduction

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VM 519-load needle driver

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